Eva completed her Hatha Yoga Education in 2015 at Gayatri Yoga School in San Juan de la Rambla in Tenerife. She was taught by Radhika Kaur and Kiran Gonzáles and received a 200h certificate by International Yoga Alliance. Techniques of Pranayama, Meditation and detailed analysis of Asanas constituted the core of the training. Besides, she deeply immersed into chakra healing and energy lines as well as Ayurveda when living together with cook and life coach Jo Dombernowsky.

In the years to follow she developed an own style, which takes Hatha for a general structure but adds strengthening elements of Power Yoga and some fluid Vinyasa movements with a strong focus on correct lines.

Her first contact with AcroYoga was in 2013. Ever since it forms an essential element and source of energy of her daily life.

Based in Berlin, Eva teaches regularly at Heilehaus e.V. in Kreuzberg and at Humboldt University. She organizes weekend workshops and and a yearly autumn retreat together with her Acro Yoga Partner Solène Cornu (based in Nuremberg). She has taught workshops at several Yoga and Music Festivals including Fusion, Oewerall, Im Wilden Osten and many more. Abroad, she has taught at Earthship Patagonia in El Bolsón Argentina, betahaus in Sofia, Bulgaria and San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico. She was involved in establishing the group Acro Yoga Costa Este in Valparaíso, Chile and participated in the Acro Yoga Solar Immersion 2017 in Santiago, Chile.