Eva teaches Acro Yoga, Yoga and Thai Massage. All three disciplines are connected and complement each other as they are composed of strengthening solar and relaxing lunar elements.

Her workshops are about community building, conscious connection and strengthening mind and body.

Your first time?

Don’t hesitate – it’s lots of fun! You will need comfortable and not too wide clothes, a water bottle, and no fear of contact. Whereas the workshops given on festivals and other venues are focused on basics and group interaction, the workshop series at Heilehaus e.V. are very technical and focused on a certain topic.


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22.03.2020 Acro Yoga Technics Session #IIHeilehaus e.V., Berlin
05.04.2020 Acro Yoga Technics Sessions #IIIHeilehaus e.V., Berlin
25. / 26.04.2020

Acro Yoga EinsteigerkursHumboldt Universität, Berlin

AcroYoga Technics Session IV
Heilehaus e.V., Berlin
09. / 10.05.2020 Acro Yoga Aufbaukurs Humboldt Universität, Berlin
Acro Yoga Autumn Retreat II Dresden, 2018