“The praxis of Yoga is about introspection and puts the focus on your inner self. It overcomes the separation between mind and body drawn in modernity. While perceiving the body the brain starts listening.
A perfect class guides you through challenging but fluid asanas always with a deep breath. When your mind allows you to drift off once your body touches the ground in Shavasana the ultimate relief is reached.
I love how Yoga trains your body intelligence and awareness and even more how you can see this growing in others while teaching and thereby accompanying them on their way.“

In the following you find some examples for classes I teach.

Asana Morning Flow
This Asana Flow is especially designed for morning hours and is focussed on stretching and preparing you for the day. It includes hip openers, joint mobilisation, wrists preparation The idea is to slowly dive into the day at an early hour and get ready for more solar exercises.

Power Flow
This Flow focusses on the body centre, where Manipura Chacra is located. The exercises are perfect at midday and afternoon and sends warm energy through the body by using strengthening asanas like blanks, lower blanks and Shaturangas. It especially works on the core and the shoulders in order to build up the body and muscles on the longer run.

Hausprojekt Lichtenstein, Tübingen, 2018

Lunar Evening Flow
In this Flow, we use the energy of the Moon. Movements here are slow but work on deep muscle tissue. We use Yin Yoga techniques to work on tensed fascia tissue and spinal twists to re-align the body. The main principle is to let go. We’ll work a lot on the ground here and will finish the class with a profound body scan.

Acro Preparations
A series of excercices which focuses especially on preparing the body for AcroYoga exercises and thereby reducing risks of accidents and tensions. This includes warming up our wrists and stimulating blood circulation in the joints. In suspine position we practice hollow body rocks to train the abdominal muscles. In prone, cobra and snake positions train the lower back fro a strong flyer position: As for bases, les and hamstrings are getting a proper stretch and the awareness of lines is raised in standing and balancing exercises.

Yoga Animal Journey
Have you heard of Animal moves, yet? Animal moves are exercises in which the human body tries to imitate how animals move. As anatomies differ and our body is not adapted to jumping like a frog, creep like a salamander or move on arms like gorillas, exercises become quite challenging. We’ll use the space and transform and experiment with different animal inspired processions. The other half is done individually on the mat, where I will guide you through a range of reincarnations from Camel to Dolphin.

Find Your Balance
This workshop works with lines. Take a breath, close your eyes and put your attention to your feet. They are carrying and balancing you through life every day. Let’s challenge them Did you ever do a flame, Shiva’s Dance or a standing scale? Then we shift our weight from the feet to the arms Experiment with crow variations, break dance moves and other arm balances.

Pranayama means control of energy, which is channeled through our breath. Breath is the manifestation of life energy in our body. How to get control over the flow of energy? Practise Pranayamas! You’ll be guided tgrizgh Brahmari, Surya Beda, and Kapalbhati (fire breath). These techniques can either activate your body cells or calm you down and stimulate concentration. We’ll also aplly Bandas (body locks) to train and to align the chacras along the spinal chord.

Chacra Meditation
In this 40 min meditation I guide you on a journey through the 7 chacra in your body. Starting with dark red Mulandara (Root Chacra), where memories of past lives are located we’ll walk our way through Swadisthana and green Anahata (Heart Chacra) moving on the “third eye” (Ajna Chacra) and further up. The different Chacra are visualized through different and Mantras, which accompany us on our way. Perfect balance lies in a appreciation of all different aspects combined