Acro yoga is a fusion of acrobatics, yoga and thai massage. The praxis is composed of strengthening solar and relaxing lunar elements. Eva’s workshops are about community building, conscious connection and strengthening mind and body. During her workshop she uses methods from theater pedagogy for working in groups, yoga asanas for awareness of lines and tightness drills for preparing the body.

“AcroYoga is all about interaction, community and little challenges – with others. I see beautiful things happening through AcroYoga: People build up trust, often without verbal communication. In times when people spend more hours with their laptop than with others, sweating, laughing and working together in Acro Yoga becomes a fulfilling and relieving exercise.”

Eva gives beginnner workshops at festivals, weekend workshops at Humboldt University and other venues as well as regular workshops at Heilehaus e.V.. Whereas the workshops given on festivals are focused on basics and group interaction, the workshop series at Heilehaus e.V. is very technical and focused on a certain topic.
Once a year, Eva organizes an Autumn Acro Yoga Retreat with her Acro Partner Solène Cornu. The retreat covers a range of workshops from Yoga and Acro Yoga, Ecstatic and 5-rhythm dance to music and Thai Massage.

A regular 3 hour workshop is composed of:

  • 0,5 h Warm-up: Yoga Asanas and connecting with the body inividually
  • 0,5 h Preparation: Exercices on trust and tightness games in small groups
  • 1,5 h Acro Yoga: Different techniques and practices according to your level in groups of three
  • 0,5 h Play and Cooldown: Time for jamming, bodywork and relaxation

Some examples of workshop topics are: Cartwheel Variations, Simple Flows, Crazy Washing Machines, Foot to Foot Fun, Strong Shoulderstands and many more.

In times of Covid-19 I focused on Power Yoga Workshops. Once it is possible again, I will go back to teaching AcroYoga. Please contact me for current offers.