Thai Massage constitutes a tradition of thousands of years and one of the most elemental parts of Thailand culture. It involves energy work, which aims at working with energy lines in such a way as to awaken the self-healing powers of the body. Doing so, sicknesses will ideally not even emerge. The practice uses acupressure, stretching movements used in Yoga and joint mobilisation.

„Thai Massage is an interplay of weight and balance and works with body lines and gravity. The giver has to listen closely to what the receiving body tells him/her. The receiver is stretched and lets the massage work on transforming the body in deep relaxation.“

In my workshops I guide you through a Thai Massage from tip to toe. We will change positions, too: Suspine (back on ground), prone (on belly), sitting and child position. We will focus on adapting each others breaths and working with lines while giving. I use acupressure when working with the head and torso and dynamic movements when working on deep tissue. Other elements include blood stops and twists to re-align the spine.

Energy Lines Thai Massage